Plug and Play Algorithmic Trading for Bitcoin

We provide advanced and customizable algorithmic trading software for Bitcoin markets, with zero knowledge required in trading or development in order to enjoy it.

Optimized by AI

All Bots present on BotHIVE are obtained via Genetic Algorithms, that utilise the concepts of natural selection to determine the best optimisation for trading commonly known market patterns.

Pay with Profits ONLY!

All our trading bots are Free To Enter, pay for it only when profits are generated.
No servers costs. No entry fee.

Synthetic Asset Diversification

Diversification is key of any investment. Spread your Bitcoin trading portfolio on different trading strategies to safely mitigate the risk of holding highly volatile asset.

Stress Free Trading

Our software allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without the need to check and manage portfolios constantly or to deal with emotions during trades.

Safe API Key Linking

Connect your exchange accounts via API Keys enabled for trading only and always keep control of your funds.